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About Us,
Our Statement

Filled with emotion to the point of movement.

Zanni Theatrics gets its name from a popular Commedia Dell'arte character; the Zanni.

The​ Zanni are the fools, the clowns, and the jack-of-all-trades who are compelled to be understood and wish to better understand the world around them. The Zanni see a problem and are compelled to act in any way they know how. The idea that strong emotions, guttural emotions, such as joy and frustration compel us to take action. We are the Zanni.

When choosing what to produce for the public Zanni Theatrics endeavors to bring mainly original work from playwrights discussing social issues that must be heard if not repeated. While we wish to provide thoughtful discussion within each production, we also understand the value of a hearty chuckle. 

We understand theatre is a medium that is meant to both entertain and inform the public.

We wish to combat and raise awareness of social issues.

We hope to provoke both laughter & thought.

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